Our home is our sanctuary, and aging in place with the right kind of home care is a preferred choice of many seniors. It’s where they feel most comfortable and the place they look forward to returning to. Given the attachments we have to our home, it’s easy to understand why an aging parent would want to stay in the place most familiar to them, even if there are signs that staying there long-term may present multiple challenges.

More and more seniors choose aging in place at home, rather than moving in with family members or into senior living communities. They want to stay as independent as possible. With proper planning and the right access to home care services and resources, it could be a great option. Healthy aging requires access to appropriate housing, quality health care and supportive public and private services.

Luckily, with some planning and support, seniors can age in place successfully. F.A.N.S.at Home can help. Our home and community-based supportive services, provides a broad array of services that enable older adults to remain in their homes for as long as possible. These services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Access to services such as transportation, case management, and information and assistance;
  • In-home services such as personal care, chores, and homemaker assistance; and
  • Community services such as legal services, mental health services, and adult day care

Our volunteers are willing to help with, carrying groceries, run errands, give rides, entertain (i.e. sing, dance, and make you laugh!), help out with making phone calls, writing letters and reading, help with cleaning and help with cooking.